Hamburger hotlinks and The Great Shortcuts Pathway.

Hamburger hotlinks. What do you think?
Hamburger hotlinks seems so appropriate.
As they multiplied in color and texture, etc.
they became more delicious, more edible, really,
and they began to look like, well, like hamburgers.
maybe YOU don't see hamburgers in these EyeCandy hotlinks,
but you can be confident that at least one of us does see them.
Thusly are hamburger hotlinks born. Do search engines list hamburger hotlinks?

All of these and other hamburger hotlinks are brought to you courtesy of The Great Shortcuts Pathway,
aiming to help people to help themselves, empowering us to empower ourselves and each other.

Hamburger hotlinks and The Great Shortcuts Pathway.

Hamburger hotlinks. to please the eye,
hamburger hotlinks, not quite on the fly.
All the king's horse's and all the king's men,
ate hamburger hotlinks, right through to the end.
Hamburger hotlinks in the hands of one,
can be rolled up in phrases for joy and for fun.
Hamburger hotlinks is the phrase we want,
for this EyeCandy delight from our bon vivant.
"Hamburger hotlinks" may seem excessive,
but it's a given, and understood that my genes were recessive.
To be king of all engines, and each directory,
if only for this "hamburger hotlinks" entry.
No matter the cause, silly or fey,
Where search engines are concerned MisterShortcut wins the day...
at least with respect to "hamburger hotlinks."
Thusly are hamburger hotlinks borne into The Great Shortcuts Pathway.

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Considering that no one can live your life for you, or know your sorrows and joys,
how much more incumbent upon you to live the life that YOU find exciting or fulfilling!
You can make excuses all day long for operating at 70 or 50 or 20% of what you could be.
Conversely, you can invest your energy into the opposite of finding blame and fault, with solutions.
What you focus upon the most is what you will move towards.

Since the Great Shortcuts Pathway is already within you,
is it not sensible for you to use the greatest shortcuts?