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How Do We Become Masters of Success?

Following the steps of masters, champions and millionaires!

          Genius recognizes talent                                                                 while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself                                                                                                        Dream.                          Dream and persist.

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Welcome to The Great Secrets Shortcuts...
... shortcuts of the people who repeatedly do it best amongst us all.

Welcome to The Great Secrets Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires, from Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts to Success.
Meandering through millions of unique web pages on 1,089 individual websites, you can say you've been to The Great Secrets Shortcuts
Largest Personal Website On The Internet
... all for you, in pursuit of YOUR personal and professional best.    Free for your life.
This is The Great Secrets Shortcuts of Masters and Champions and Millionaires

from personally interviewing and/or breaking bread with 5,200 self-made masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Hence, the name,

The Great Secrets Shortcuts of Our Great Masters.

Those who do it better know it better. That's your first shortcut: if you feel you have time for trial and error from scratch, feel free to knock yourself out.

Just remember that time flies.
Recognize and realize the quantity of time you save in getting the cookie recipe from someone who bakes really wonderful cookies rather than do it by guesswork, trial and error.
The Great Secrets Shortcuts directly asks you, "Is this true, or not?"

Use the powerful shortcut of finding someone doing it better, and another person doing it better,
a true Great Secrets Shortcuts master or millionaire, champion or billionaire.
THEIR methods are shortcuts for all of us to make use of. Shortcuts make a huge difference in our lives,
so you're encouraged to make use of these Masters and Millionaires websites, more than a thousand of them,
which required a personal investment of some seventy thousand minutes beyond the one million minute mark.

You read that correctly.

More than ten years of investing sixteen and more hours per day to build 1,089 developed websites filled with the greatest,
most powerfully effective shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

All for you to get healthier and wealthier
then feed hungry children with some of your extra profit.

Fair enough?

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The Great Secrets Shortcuts is your top-notch source for self-empowerment shortcuts, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These prove to be the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and certainly YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why The Great Secrets Shortcuts is here for your life.
Shortcuts unlock most every venue on earth, when you train, and use the PowerGems most of all.

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Shapetalk.biz - 1st name of MisterShortcut's game is shortcuts, often delivered through shapetalk. If your biz is Shapetalk, then it makes sense to head over to Shapetalk.biz
If The Great Secrets Shortcuts does not merit a shapetalking network, if the Great Secrets Shortcuts earns no shapetalking network, then who fairly does?
1st collection of wisdom-rich Shapetalks. EyeCandy presentations of the PowerGems that constitute The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expressway

Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from The Great Secrets Shortcuts, and to a lesser degree,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

Self-descriptive, Shapelinks are Great Secrets Shortcuts interactive EyeCandy hotlinks guiding us into The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expressway
Deliciously interactive EyeCandy links - different effects in different browsers, all leading to Great Secrets Shortcuts PowerGems, the most universal shortcuts
When building a network of Shapelinks, it helps to have Great Secrets Shortcuts EyeCandy Wisdom to enjoy the formative moments of a Shapelinks network
As an ad hoc organization formed many years ago, The Great Secrets Shortcuts ought to organize Shapelinks into Shapelinks coherence, wouldn't you say?
For further information on Great Secrets Shortcuts and Roadway of Great Health, follow the sweet eyecandy hotlinks at www.Shapelink.info now
Would a Shapelinks network be complete without a Shapelinks website, as in .ws? From The Great Secrets Shortcuts, for and to your self-empowerment.
AOL paid $1mm for www.Shortcuts.com, while The Great Secrets Shortcuts found www-Shortcuts.com for just $8.


Chocolate shortcuts bringing chocolate eyecandy, all to bring the best chocolate shortcuts,
when you use chocolate rightly,
so your burdens move lightly,
chocolate shortcuts
can carry the day.
If search engine optimizing has value to you,
use the chocolate shortcuts that usually prove true.
Chocolate on left, chocolate also found on the right,
it is these chocolate shortcuts that help you keep it tight.

Whatever it is you want most in this life, it most likely requires the cooperation of at least one other person.
Your intelligence rises in the same moment that you begin creating a written list of who those decision-makers are.
Obviously, they need to be people who have the authority to say yes to you, whether on a personal or professional level.
From finances to art exhibitions, or learning to be at least as good as someone else, there are people doing it better than you are.
THESE are the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires personifying The Great Secrets Shortcuts and Roadway of Great Health.

Learn more from your role models. Imitate them to imitate their results!

Chocolate eyecandy and (putative) chocolate shortcuts are crafted partly from deep love of chocolate,
and mostly from a desire to reach more people to help them to help themselves, easily, and rapidly,
better-equipping students of The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswayto give.
As Newton's 3rd Law will easily make clear to you, what goes around, comes around, too.
Helping thelpless is one of the great shortcuts of YOUR inner Great Secrets Shortcuts.
Helping the helpless is a master secret of the universe you hope most to live within,
the universe of masters and millionaires, universe of champions and billionaires,
summed up within Great Secrets Shortcuts and Roadway of Great Health.
Take these chocolate shortcuts via chocolate eyecandy, and run!
Run for the best of your own effort, performance, achievement.
Prove YOUR mastery of YOUR Great Secrets Shortcuts.

When we search for the greatest shortcuts, who else should we go to if not those who use them to great success?
When we see a pattern of highly accelerated success only foolishness can prevent us from availing ourselves
of the multiple benefits to be found within these PowerGems; powerful gems of wisdom and acceleration.
these truly magnificent and effective success shortcuts used by our role models.

Make more of your today.   It's actually the only one you have.
Reach.       Strive.
Speak less.
Do more.


Great Secrets Shortcuts Chocolate EyeCandy Capital Shapetalk

Chocolate EyeCandy is why the chocolate hive, to tell the world how chocolate makes us thrive,
chocolate eyecandy from chocolate eyecandy, and how we pursue websites that look dandy.
Chocolate eyecandy from The Great Secrets Shortcuts always has more than one purpose.
When you click through the chocolate eyecandy, or above-below chocolate eyecandy,
you are bound to find the PowerGems strewn about The Great Secrets Shortcuts.
These PowerGems are the master secrets of the universe, that always work.
As always, your opinions are 100 percent worthless prior to knowledge,
and, more important than knowledge, a string of winning experience.
Without the winning experience, why should we honor your opinion?
Better to try the Chocolate EyeCandy route, first, THEN speak.
The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswaywelcome you,
to the most chocolate eyecandy capital of all chocolate eyecandy capitals.
You cannot learn less about anything, right? So, learn more, so you can live more.
Both The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswayare imitations of masters,
the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, & humans living stronger for longer.

When you comprehend YOUR Great Secrets Shortcuts and Roadway of Great Health, practice begins.
Once you develop skills in YOUR Great Secrets Shortcuts and Roadway of Great Health, you are set to go.
The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswaywelcome you into the Chocolate EyeCandy Capital.



Great Secrets Shortcuts Chocolate Eyecandy Shortcuts Poetic Prose

Taste the chocolate shortcuts that carry you to chocolate pages,
where eyecandy chocolate visuals help lift you up in stages.
Learning how to win more with the shortcuts of great masters,
more than anything else you might mention, staves off great disasters.
Chocolate truth and wisdom fill The Great Secrets Shortcuts websites,
and they're worth more than ten thousand unfocused plebiscites.
The votes you make today in life, in chocolate or ANY flavor,
are the chocolate thoughts and results you will obtain,
the chocolate sauce of life you shall savor (eventually).

We do not always get what we want in life as you well know,
but what you might NOT realize is that we do tend to get what we expect.

Using chocolate shortcuts to entice your review of chocolate eyecandy delights,
The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswayseek to expand your mind,
empowering you to empower yourself to stretch that envelope to previously unseen places.
This is the best time and place of your life to clean up this act of incessant daily mediocrity,
where one day is like another, with only the barest, rarest glimpses of your inner chocolate,
the internalized delights of pleasure normally associated with food, and now to mastery.

When you expand your mastery in any given field, you realize more than unimportance of food,
at least food in the forms you now most readily and too-easily recognize, although it is not real food.

If it does not come from the ground, how can it fit into YOUR practice of the Great Secrets Shortcuts ?
If half your plate is not green, you are stupid, because there is absolutely zero chance of thriving longer.
No one makes it into their 6th and 7th and 8th decade and beyond without a majority of diet being green.
You can like it or dislike it, you can act on it or not act on it. Either way, your response cannot alter this truth.
Greens, never-heated oil, air-dried sea salt every day, bulk or fiber, probiotics, and, of course, dark chocolate,
the good kind of rich, dark chocolate (above 80% cocoa solids, and nothing less), and your diet nears perfection.

Thus and ergo, if a life of chocolatey happiness appeals to you, look into chocolate eyecandy and chocolate shortcuts.

The Great Secrets Shortcuts and GreatHealth Expresswaywelcome you to chocolate shortcuts capital of the World Wide Web.

Chocolate, with its own style, chocolate germinates your smile,
one not quite sweetly contagious, promulgating just the best of our styles.
Seduce us with great chunks of chocolate, sharing words betwixt those lines,
where the way of such Chocolate wisdom, casts a spell so serene, Divine.
There is just no way that man can say, how Chocolate seems to find its way,
especially when it's being created often many times throughout one given day.
Chocolate might be lumpy roads, and then Chocolate might keep the circle closed,
and still when it's counted, that row got hoed, and proof is in the magic, just one part of the show.
When the answers and the questions get too blurry to be seen, in the focus of the moment, they will show themselves agleam,

great solutions that you knew at once, gainsay inaction to illuminate the dunce...
and yet we hear you remonstrate, even when your actions fail to demonstrate,
that you possess the knowledge that will wipe away your sorrows.
Add some chocolate magic, what we see and what we don't...
if and but are words for then, when you really won't.

So, we have yet, to observe you demonstrate, the chocolate deep inside you in what form you make it take.
Chocolate is a choice of laughter, chocolate shows how much you matter,
when you care enough to let it out, your soul inside shouting out.
Where is YOUR sweet chocolate, where's the best we'll see in you,
will everything crumble in moments, chocolifying most of your truth?

Chocolate Shortcuts

Chocolate shortcuts may be all that,
so tuck a chocolate shortcuts up inside your hat.
These are the shortcuts, chocolate shortcuts of life,
designed, like other EyeCandy, to help reduce all our strife.
By learning with pleasure, chocolate shortcuts at leisure,
you'll find stress reduced by material measure.

chocolately shortcuts all chocolately to the good,
because chocolate shortcuts, teach what we could.

Whether we should, or more, whether we would,
is why chocolate shortcuts show us,
just what's under your hood.
It wonders not, if the meaning is clear,
suffice it to say chocolate shortcuts are here.
Reach for your best in all that you do,
you'll find success, deep and true.
Modest chocolate shortcuts are just along for the fun,
for chocolate shortcuts teach us how to yield more sun.

It explains why The Great Secrets Shortcuts brings the occasional chocolate shortcuts.

So many wonderful websites. Such a joy it has been to craft them for you.
Make no mistake, MisterShortcut never turned a dime of profit on any of them.
Each site was built with YOU in mind, aiming to help you to help yourself.
The diamonds of life, the master secrets of the universe that work well.
These PowerGems are the gift of the Great Secrets Shortcuts, for you.
What you know in life will always be, at best, secondary, after all.

What counts most of all for you is what you DO with you know.
Use two hands for more of the tasks you now use one for.
Ask more people more times each, giving good reasons.
Make use of the word "because" as often as you can.
When gambling, seek to do so in both directions.
Give people more reasons to say "yes" to you.
Avoid eating non-foods because they injure.

Air, water, oil, minerals, bulk probiotics.
Add to these laughter, and you'll thrive.
These are the superfoods of a good life,
of YOUR Roadway of Great Health. :-)