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There are few things in life as simple, or effective, as The Great Secrets Shortcuts.
It is based on the same principle of creating cookies just like your Grandma's;
just like building wealth similarly to your favorite rich person;
just like hitting a baseball akin to the swing of your favorite batter.

If you wish to retire to your current residence and watch your flowers grow,
you will need about 80% of your lifetime income to retire on.
If you wish to travel and taste more of life's treats,
you'll need approximately 300% of your lifetime income.

In 1992, approximately 72,000 Americans became millionaires.

By 1994, it jumped up to nearly 150,000  (averaging 3,000 new millionaires every week).

Month after month, mostly as the result of "a home-based effort of four or more hours per week," we've seen tens of thousands of new millionaires, for many months in a row.

By 1996, when America boasted more than three million AND eight hundred thousand people not merely worth, rather, EARNING an average of eighty thousand dollars per month, the IRS, Forbes, Fortune, and others began defining millionaires as those who earn a million or more per year, instead of counting those who are merely worth a million dollars.

Then comes 1999. One million new millionaires added to the other six million who are earning many thousands of dollars per week, and you're not, so be quiet.

Hold on to your chair, because it happened again in 2000: more than a million Americans were added to the list of new millionaires. What makes it humorously ironic is that up to 200,000 of these 'new' millionaires first became millionaires between 1994 and 1996... and lost their wealth, rebuilding it again even faster the second time around.

If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, where are you getting it?

Is it possible these self-made millionaires know something about attracting money that you don't?
If you knew better, you'd do better, wouldn't you?

We know that half of all Americans don't have the money to retire.
We also know that they have no written plan for their retirement.
That's the whole crux of why you are not worth a million dollars,
let alone earning such fantastic sums: the written plan.
Anything not worth putting in writing is probably not all that important to you, hm?

Your parties and weddings, your taxes, the plans for your new house... THESE are worth putting in writing, correct? Perhaps that's why these plans usually work out very well: they were planned, then followed through on, based on the written blueprint.

Hundreds of millionaires, interviewed one at a time, specifically attributed their wealth to the same two magical steps you can take in the next ten days: knowing precisely what they want, and having a written plan for getting there.

Ten days. Each day, you invest a perfect one percent of your time, equal to fourteen minutes and twenty seconds, writing down the five biggest wishes you have, and each day, adding just five or ten names to a growing list of people or organizations you can ask for help.

One percent of your time, fourteen minutes, for ten days. The more people you ask, the more will say yes. That's physics, Baby: ask more people and ask people more.

If you don't see enormous changes in your actions and results, give it up and call me a fool.
Reality teaches us that, win or lose, people who swing the bat are the only ones with a legitimate right to an opinion. They are certainly the only opinions that an intelligent OR hungry person would listen to.

No one says you personally have to earn 80,000 dollars per month.
For starters, you are incapable of earning such amounts until you believe that you can, and further, that you're worth it.

The day that you defy everyone around you and have the nerve to simply shut up and get busy, that's the same day you begin making progress.
Within a hundred days or so, you will find measurable progress.

You cannot change the laws of physics.
Mathematically, every single step you take brings you at least one step closer.
Can you decry, refute, or deny this? Hush up and do it...
...because then we'll have even more proof of who and what you are, because we'll then have solid evidence of what does NOT work, and what DOES work.

That's called a formula, or recipe, which is what we use to make it happen again, and again, and again. True, or not?     It's the single greatest reason why so many millionaires who go broke end up getting rich again faster the second time around, and even faster the third time.

(The typical American millionaire has, on average, gone broke 2.5 times, and gotten wealthy an average of 3 times... ... all because of the beautiful, duplicable value of a recipe they've already used successfully.

What high school or college teacher ever taught you how to get happy and wealthy? Barely 7 in 100 care enough to try.

Follow the map of our best role models, and you'll follow your dreams. We can even tell in advance precisely how many of your dreams will come true in this life... based on how many of those dreams have a written plan/deadline/list of people to ask.

About 7 of every one hundred people reach inside themselves, and reach up, pulling from themselves at least fourteen minutes of excellence out of every 1440 minutes they are issued (There are 1,440 minutes in each day). these seven of every one hundred generally earn at least 4 times what you do.

Some are smarter, some are dumber, some look nicer, some don't, the only thing they all have in common is that they ask for what they want more than you do.

They make it their business to devote at least one percent of their time, fourteen point four minutes per day, asking other people and organizations to give them what they want. Every other word on this subject is coming from somewhere not the horse's mouth; much, much closer instead... to the other end of the horse.

Mathematically, it's so simple that even you can understand it. Intellectually, there is very little chance you can or will understand it. That's because the only true demonstration of intelligence is the demonstration of whatever information you possess.

Knowing something has value only insofar as the knowledge is applied.

Our satisfaction - Comes from creating sufficient action.

Here's one great example of how utterly dead wrong you are. You believe, don't you, that knowledge is power?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Power is the "ability to take action or create an effect."
There is one, only one way we can know who has the 'ability' to take action or create effect: THOSE WHO DO IT!

Knowledge is not power. Look at all the super-intelligent people who are always at the end of the line. No, knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power.

"Ye When does it become power?

Aaaahhhh, there you go, perhaps you are catching on. Then again, what's the use? As soon as you're done reading this, the odds are literally more than 80% that you will nod your head with determination, and say, "Yeah, that guy is really on target!" ....

... and within 24 hours you are most likely to be back at your normal level of comfort: applying yourself with mediocrity, and getting results that are equal to your effort.

Calvin Coolidge rose from an undistinguished background to become President of the United States. Perhaps his greatest legacy is a simple, powerful quote that carries not only truth, as well, wisdom and enormous power for you personally to tap into. The quote, as follows:

Nothing can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not, for nothing is more common than unrecognized talent.
Genius will not, for unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education will not, for the world is filled with educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

The average person receives 2000 paychecks in a lifetime. How many have YOU saved so far?

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