Best Free Piano Lesson in History!

Best Free Piano Lesson in History!

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Free Piano lesson: How to master piano in one lesson

Let's clear up a major lie your parents and teachers told you.
It does not take years to master most human efforts; only months or less, when the desire is great enough. Today's example is learning to play the piano from scratch. Forget your alleged IQ; suspend your know-it-all-ism and simply open up.

This is how you learn to play good piano in 1000 words or less.

Learn piano in one lesson? Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? After all, look at all those piano teachers out there. Not to worry: 99% of the people who read these words are smart enough to understand this simple lesson and how to use it immediately.
Ninety-three of every one hundred people are too profoundly stupid to simply shut off their generally inaccurate preconceived notions and just use these shortcuts. Excluding the rarely-found true student, there are always dummies for piano teachers who need that repeat income.

For the roughly seven of every hundred people who are smart enough to shut up and listen, (Gee, is that why we have two ears, one mouth, two eyes, one mouth? Hmmm), let's get busy. Half the lesson is already over.
NOTE: This is a rare case where reading all the steps first works against you.   STOP and Physically use each step first and you'll find yourself memorizing at a highly accelerated rate. A genius masters each tiny step before moving to the next one. These shortcuts provide ample proof. Don't be too smart. Just do each step starting now.                                                               DO them.

  1. When you play to the left, you're going down the keyboard AND down the scale. When you play to the right, you're going up the keyboard. Going down. Going up. Got it? Great.
  2. Forget 88 keys. You only need to memorize seven of them to start. Can you handle that? They're called, "a, b, c, d, e, f, and g." Wherever you see two black keys together, the white key in between them is called, "d." Your first step is to simply play each piano key & say it out loud 22x each. Never mind why; if you knew better than me, you'd play better than me, true?
    If you hit the 'd' note, the black key to the left is 'd flat' and the black key to the right is 'd sharp.'   It's the same with every white key:  to the left is flat, to the right is sharp. NOTE:Playing each key with a different finger accelerates the rate at which you'll get comfortable rippling and riffling across the keys.
    Again, 22 times, please.
  3. When you play any key, count four keys to the right (including black keys) and play that second key along with the first one, at the same time. Got it? Great. Never bother reading the next step until you stop and master the current step. It is tiny, but hugely important.
  4. Now, from the second key, count up three steps and hit that third piano key. Play all three at once; now you're playing a chord. The name of the chord is always based on the first key you pick, the one that is the leftmost of your three keys. Play each chord & say its name out loud. Go through a, b, c, d, e, f, and g. You are now playing every major chord on the piano.
    After playing three different chords 22x each while saying its name out loud, there is a fair possibility that you will realize that you now know the chords to a hundred thousand songs.
  5. MINOR CHORDS:When you are playing a chord, any key plus 4 keys to the right plus 3 keys to the right, look at your fingers. Move just the middle finger to the left by one key. Bingo!You've just learned almost every MINOR chord on the piano.  Practice: 22x each.
  6. Let's get crazy & learn all the major sharp chords quickly.
    Play any major chord, say a 'd', which is the 'd' note AND the key that's 4 keys to the right of 'd' AND the key that's another 3 keys to the right. You are now playing a d, which is also called d major.
    If you move all 3 of your fingers one key to the right, you now know how to play d sharp and every major SHARP chord based on what note you're playing with the leftmost finger. 22x, please.    Hum as you play.

  7. When you move all three fingers one key to the left, you now know how to play every major FLAT chord, such as 'd flat.' You now know the chords to a million songs.

    If you've paid attention in the last few minutes, and applied it to the piano, you now know how to identify and play every note, and every significant major and minor chord on piano, as well as the major flat chords and sharp chords. Incredible, isn't it? You did it, by yourself!

At this point, you know most of what you need to know to produce wonderful music. It's unlikely that you'll ever get rich playing other people's music. Your own music, however, stands an excellent chance of being sold: there are many companies hungry and constantly searching for new songs. Just play one chord after another while humming or whistling, and relate it to the next chord you play. A good head start is to remember that, whatever chord you play, go up or down by three chords, and then up or down two chords from your current position. You'll soon grasp the meaning of this paragraph when you just do it. Experience is the greatest teacher of all.

It's about all I know and I've written many beautiful songs. Just play.
Shut up, play, practice.

The biggest secret to this is suspending what you thought before. If you knew better, you'd do it better.
Just relax, & let your heart soar into the chords; the music will come. You'll see. Quickly.
Most people begin playing or creating their first song within 200 seconds.   Try it!

This is just one sample of thousands. As Napoleon Hill taught,

"Anything that the mind of man can conceive and believe, will be achieved."
You're not limited by your abilities, my dear friend,
you are limited by what you think you can't do. Look what happens when you start believing.

Who says it takes years to learn piano, or even months?
You've just done it in one lesson.

  • Precisely (meaning precisely) what do I want?
  • By what date?

  • What five smaller pieces can I break this into?
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • What first measurable step can I take now?     NOW.

We know for a fact that people who answer these five questions in writing tend to double their income every year or so. Want to bet against this reality, or join in to it? 

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