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How Tainted Can A Jury Be?

In a courtroom with a federal judge, a dozen federal attorneys, a group of defendant, and spectators, a nervous juror entered the courtroom, separated from the other jurors, and had the courage to tell the Court that people were using improper influence in the jury room. The Court snapped at this literally shaking woman.

With uncommon bravado, she insisted that people were making decisions for other people. Again, the Court's voice rose, saying, "Ah! Ah! I don't want to hear it!" and sent her back into the jury room for deliberations!   One might think the lawyers would be leaping.     Not a peep from any of the attorneys present. Nearly a dozen defense lawyers, and not one of them raised their voice.

It's illuminative to mention a rather eerie connection amongst this group of federal so-called defenders:
SEVEN of these attorneys were and remain high-profile examples of lawyers who manage to lose a vast majority of their cases.

That leads some to claim that these lawyers were not intentionally tolerating such perversion of the jury process,
that in fact they genuinely did not know how to respond to a court that was tolerating so many different oddities.
multiple issues of jury interference and subornment, as direct as any arbiter of law or ethics could ask for.

At one point, another juror notified the Court that her Mercedes Benz had been hit and damaged in the courthouse parking lot, and that she was sure the hit and run had been committed by one of the defendants, Annette Haley, with Haley's Mercedes Benz. Never mind that Haley had numerous outside investments; none of the other defendants except the publisher of Who's Who had ever owned a Mercedes. Yet the impression on the jury was clearly significant, more so with a juror carping in every private jury session that a rich defendant's Mercedes had hit and damaged her car, AND had denied it and "Who's going to pay for it?," and.... ... and this does not bode well.

After a few days of complaints, and notes to the Court about who she should submit her money claim to, that juror was finally released, long after her damage was done.

Is it possible for employees of a complainant to sit on the jury? The use of the plural is both intended and accurate: although the U.S. Postal Service was the de jure complainant in this case, efforts to secure jury seats for postal employees succeeded, with nary a peep from the federally-paid defense attorneys.   With a sixteen-week trial, and enormous pressure from above, it is clear what their influence effected.

The jury heard days and days and more days of testimony about Bruce Gordon's egregiously lavish lifestyle and ninety-dollar socks; followed by weeks and more weeks of testimony about his financial and ethical chicanery. Talk about poisoning people with guilt by association! Not one of the defendants earned in a year what Gordon spent in a week, never spent personal time with him nor broke bread with him, yet the jury concluded that if Gordon could live this way, his employees must have been doing the same thing. Hundreds of hours of testimony focused exclusively on Gordon and his financial picture.

  When several jurors mouthed literally tearful apologies to defendants and defense counsel after the end of trial, it became clear that jurors had been demonstrably usurped of their authority and lawful obligations, ergo provably against their will. The appropriate word is 'arrogate.' This case is one for the books, indeed.  



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  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  

With pre-trial hearings rushed through December, the trial began in January and did not conclude until the final week in March.
Still, not a word from the media on what was alleged to be the largest scam in American history,
wherein seventy thousand of the brightest, most accomplished humans allegedly "fell victim" to telemarketing scammers,
and loved their memberships so much that forty thousands of them renewed and/or upgraded their memberships

Obviously, they got value, or they would not have returned in such stunning and historically unprecedented numbers.
Call the White House today. Please, demand pardons for The Great Shortcuts Pathway "Who's Who-ers."

Convicted of conspiring over eight years with defendants you never met, heard of, or even knew of at all?

You could not even claim that half of the evidence or trial or proceedings in total had any connection with the sales defendants.
Not even twenty percent or ten percent was remotely connected to the actions or words or knowledge or motivations of the salepeople
No, not even one percent.     Make sure you understand this: NOT EVEN ONE PERCENT of the trial related to them.
No trial in American history has been found to duplicate this feat of diseased jurisprudence. Not even one solid percent,
with thousands and thousands and thousands of pages never mentioning these salespeople individually.

That was no misprint. Not even one page in a hundred, of evidence, of claims, of testimony, of the transcript itself,
not even one page in a hundred related to the actions, intentions, motivations, or words of the six sales defendants.
Tainted jury to the sleeping judge who'd already reviewed this case for two years and dismissed the charges!!
The same judge, Arthur Spatt, found that no crime had taken place, dismissing the charges,
only to have the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals reinstate the charges and, get this...
REFUSING TO HEAR AN APPEAL, despite there being more than a dozen grievous errors.
You're asked to call for an Executive Pardon. Please, raise your voices.