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The Great Secrets Shortcuts

When do your stalling tactics end?   Next week?
Next year?
When you retire?

You keep saying, "Yes, I will, as soon as....."

Well, we've heard about enough of that. Every time you say that, you slide, friend,
you slide down the same chute as EIGHTY PERCENT of the world's population,
that portion of the populace who never reach to pull out their dreams.
That's disgusting, and it's stupid, and why bother living at all,
if you're not going to live in fourth gear and hit the gas?

No need to live a risky life or one that threatens your bank account.
Fourth gear is fourth gear and you should not need a detailed explanation;
just a detailed map for how you're going to get out of second -- at best third gear -
in order to see just what you've got under the hood of the car that is carrying your life.

You drive in it every day that you breathe and enjoy circulatory function of your heart and lungs.
It's your car. You keep pouring MacD's and white bread and other garbage into it, past pleasure, into excess,
and then can't seem to understand why you have to be the one with catastrophic organ challenges, hm?

Oh, that's right; it's not going to happen to you because you know better.   Izzat so?
Well, who are the ten thousand humans who die of heart attacks every week?
No matter what you claim about hormones or how you barely eat,
if you're fat, you're fat because you eat too much.
How about learning what moderation actually is?
Keep eating the garbage if you feel you must;
simply add in the concept of moderation,
where you eat just two less bites...
can you handle that?

With so many delightful and juicy things to enjoy in life, not least the pleasure of nobility,
which is defined in The Great Secrets Shortcuts in a universally acceptable definition.

Nobility: the class of people serving other people's interests a hundred thousand minutes or more per year.

Just as moderation does not mean eliminating ALL the hurtful things from your life,
nobility does not mean doing so to your own disadvantage.   If it works out that way,
it's generally by choice, which is quite alright, as long as your life is not a mere slog,
a struggling through the muddy waters of mediocrity, never even knowing what you might have been.

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